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May the Fourth Be with You!

I bet you woke up today thinking it was going to be a day just like any other… Maybe you even checked your calendar and then thought to yourself: May 4th, hmph, nothing special about today, amirite? Well, think again, as today is for some one of the best and most fun-filled celebrations of the year - today is Star Wars Day! Why today, you ask? Well, regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of the media franchise, you must be familiar with the quote “May the force be with you”, used by various characters in the movie as a form of encouragement and a way to wish good luck.

If you’re unfamiliar with the saga, no worries, here’s a two-minute video created by LEGO that tells you story that has conquered fans all over the world... although I should probably warn you, this clip contains A LOT of spoilers so watch it at your own peril!

Where does the expression 'May the Fourth be with you" come from?

I bet by this point you’re probably wondering who had the brilliant idea of turning this incredibly famous quote into a yearly celebration and are probably getting mad at yourself for not coming up with the pun yourself, but don’t beat yourself up because the expression "May the Fourth be with you" has been around for a looong time, we’re talking decades. However, the idea, contrary to what you might think, did not occur to Lucasfilm, instead, it was first used on May 4th, 1976 when Margaret Thatcher took office as the Prime Minister of the U.K. and the members of her party decided to congratulate her by placing an advertisement in the London Evening News that said… you guessed it: “May the Fourth be with you, Maggie.”

So how do you celebrate May the Fourth?

Although the hard core fans of the saga don’t really need a special reason to celebrate Star Wars, people do seem to get especially creative on this day. So, if you want to join in on the fun, here are a few quick ideas of things you can do to celebrate:

  • Cosplay - playing dress up and turning into your favorite Star Wars character can make this day extra special!

  • Watch the movies - just pick one of the movies and start a movie marathon with your friends

  • Post a quote or share a clip from one of the movies on Facebook, Instagram or have fun with TikTok’s pre-recorded audios

  • Simply hit the play button and play tribute to the movies by listening to one of the most popular soundtracks in music history! (DUN DUN DA DUN, DUN DA DUN, DUN DA DUN…)

So, did you know about May the Fourth? Are you going to celebrate it? How? Also, do you have a favorite Star Wars character?

hmph: sound you make when not showing particular interest

amirite: slang for "Am I right?" peril: risk

pun: play on words

don't beat yourself up: don't criticize yourself too harshly

hard core: the most active and committed members of a group

cosplay: dressing up as the character of a film, a book or video game

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