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How To Memorize New Words

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

The number one goal of any English learner, or any language learner for that matter, is to memorize new words. And I get it, we need words to communicate and with just a bunch of grammar rules, we won't get that far. So we do what we're supposed to do, grab a book or a movie and start studying.

Everything seems to be going just the way we'd planned it and 10 words a day doesn't seem challenging enough, so on the second day we memorize 20 and on the third day, we're ready to learn 30 new ones when... wait? What was that word I tried to memorize three days ago? What was the sentence?

That's right, retaining new words is one of the biggest challenges every language learner faces but there is one thing that may be even harder than remembering words - actually using them.

Just because we've learned a word one day it doesn't mean the next time we try to form a sentence we'll be able to use it and that's why we end up using the same words over and over again and the reason why whenever we have to talk about our interests, we can't help but use the expression "I like" a gazillion times.

I could go on for hours talking about the best methods out there and the tricks I use daily to memorize new words. But, for the time being, here's a quick video that lists three of the mistakes people often make when trying to learn new words and what you should do instead.

As per usual, I've tried to give the video a slightly comical twist because that's the way I like it but there's a lot of truth in it, I promise! I hope these tips help you!

Please, feel free to share any recommendations you may have and things that have worked for you when trying to memorize new vocabulary.

I'm working on enabling comments... just hang in there! That's I get for trying to be a solopreneur, he he!

grab: take

we can't help but (verb): we can't avoid

solopreneur: someone who starts and runs a business on their own

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