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EnB -what?!

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Some of you may have visited the learn-lara.com website over the last few days and thought... Hold on, there's something different here. So, let me finally address the elephant in the room... the new brand name.

the elephant in the room: an important topic that is obvious but that no one mentions

Why did I change the name of my brand?

Well, the simplest and best answer I can give you is simply "because it didn't feel like the name of a brand to me". In a world that's already saturated with hundreds of apps, podcasts and websites promising you to teach you English in the click of a button, the name Learn with Lara didn't seem to cut it, so I picked up a pen (I don't like using pencils) and made a list of things that I thought were wrong with my brand name:

  1. The word English was nowhere to be seen - and let's it face, the word 'English' when you're teaching English, is pretty important

  2. It didn't leave room for other people to join me - let's say this teeny tiny website grows and actually becomes something one day, well, then I may have to ask someone to help me with it and, in that case, what would my first name be doing there?

  3. It didn't sound cool - and, let's be honest, everybody wants to sound cool, right?

saturated: extremely full

in the click of a button: really fast

it doesn't seem to cut it: it's not good enough

it's nowhere to be seen: it's not present

not leave room for something to happen: not give the opportunity for something to happen

teeny tiny: very small

How did I pick the name?

Truth be told, this was not the name I'd originally picked and even though I knew finding a good name was going to be no joke, I had no idea it was going to be this complicated.

So, after a lot of brainstorming, let me say that again, A LOT of brainstorming, I'd finally settled on EnBoo (yes, with two 'O's). It felt right, it made sense and it was representative of my brand and what I do - fun yet powerful, a name that could potentially compete with other major brands.

truth be told: honestly

it's no joke: it's difficult

settle on: make a decision between two or more people or things after not being certain which to choose

I ran it by a few friends and family members and since they all green-lighted it, I went ahead and I designed the logo, but there was a not-so small issue that I hadn't foreseen. Although the domain enboo.com was available, and I knew it was because I had previously checked, I found out I would have had to pay over $3,000 to purchase it.

So, what's a girl who's got no money but wants to start a business to do? Easy. She just adds an extra 'O' and calls it a day. And, let me tell you, even though at first it felt like I was settling, the new name soon started to grow on me and the more I looked at it, the more it made sense, especially because of the way the logo was designed.

run something by someone: tell someone about an idea or plan so they can give you their opinion

green-light: approve

call it a day: end your activity thinking that enough has been done

settle: accept less than you originally wanted

grow on me: start liking something gradually

So what's going to change now?

Nothing, really. At least, not in the foreseeable future. Even though my plan is to soon offer a few extra tools on the website, things aren't going to change a great deal for the time being so, no worries. =)

So, what do you think of the new brand name? Does it make sense to you?

Can you think of other companies that have gone through a rebranding?

in the foreseeable future: for a long time

a great deal: a lot

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